Serena e Filippo

Li Wei Qi & Wang Jing Shi

Urban winter wedding

Cristina e Andrea, matrimonio a Villa Delfini di Morsasco

Marisa ed Enzo

Gaia e Alex

Stefania e Luca

Alice e Raffaele

Noemi e Pietro


TURIN / ITALY Fotografo matrimonio Torino, logo Mari crea photographer Available worldwide

Mari Crea
Wedding and family photographer, based in Turin

I photograph love, in all its forms

My name is Mari and I am a wedding and family photographer.
I have a specialization in trompe l'oeil and fine decorations.
This artistic preparation influences all my work giving me a sensitivity and attention to detail and to small "big" things.
I like authentic moments and it's real life, the one I want to show through my shots..
For me, what matters most are relationships, the most authentic connections between people, their deepest emotions: love in all its forms, and my cameras are the medium I use to tell their unique and special stories.
I photograph weddings in Turin, Piedmont, Italy or wherever this fantastic adventure takes me.


What they say about me

Giacinta and Antonio, wedding at the Castello della Rovere


We chose Mari as our wedding photographer without hesitation after seeing her wonderful works.
It immediately puts you at ease, it is able to discreetly capture every moment of the day, creating a real reportage.
She is sincere, professional and with an artistic eye that not everyone has. I highly recommend it, I will definitely choose it to capture other important moments!

Giulia and Denis, wedding at Tenuta San Michele in Moncucco Torinese


There are only 5 stars ... But if it were up to us all the stars would not be enough. Mari is an exceptional person. In addition to being a great professional in photography, she is a person with a big heart .... She pampered us from pre-wedding to post-wedding ... Plus ... On our wedding day the weather was really bad ... But the rain all day gave Mari a way to enhance her skill even more ... Even if we love the sun ... Well Mary managed to make us love the rain too ... And I think I told you all!!

Nadiya and Marco

Fotografo matrimonio Torino,matrimonio in Liguria Matrimonio-ad-Arenzano-Nadiya+Marco-183

Quanto è importante avere un Bravo Fotografo/a?! 📸 Un professionista che sappia cogliere l’attimo, l’emozione, l’energia e trasmetterla attraverso l’obiettivo!! Grazie Mari Crea Photographer per la tua professionalità e per aver catturato l’emozione della giornata👰🏼🎩, e i momenti indimenticabili  che ricorderemo per sempre 💫 grazie ai tuoi bellissimi scatti! Il tuo stile reportage e i servizi che realizzi per ogni coppia di sposi sono dei veri capolavori !!! 💎
Mary and Guido An emotion forever It is difficult to define Mari's skill in words; suffice it to say that even the most clumsy and awkward spouses (like us) on her photos become stars. Mari has a particular eye that she knows how to capture the smallest apparently insignificant detail and she knows how to transform it into a work of art. In addition, she is extremely discreet and helpful, affable and sweet. Her style, her original and unconventional, has been able to immortalize indescribable emotions and her power is to make them relive every time we admire her photos. e a seguirla sui social, potrete vedere tanti servizi fatti, incluso l’album completo del nostro matrimonio. 😍
Thank you from our hearts to MariCrea for being our photographer in our Wedding Day!! You’re the best!

Mary e Guido

Ricevimento nuziale al Mulino della torre di Riva presso Chieri, sposi Mary e Guido, luce del tramonto, golden hour, ora dorata

Un’emozione per sempre
È difficile definire a parole la bravura di Mari; basti dire che anche gli sposi più imbranati e impacciati (come noi) sulle sue foto diventano delle star. Mari ha un occhio particolare che sa catturare il più piccolo dettaglio apparentemente insignificante e lo sa trasformare in un’opera d’arte. Inoltre, è oltremodo discreta e disponibile, affabile e dolce. Il suo stile originale e fuori dagli schemi ha saputo immortalare emozioni indescrivibili e il suo potere è quello di farle rivivere ogni volta che ammiriamo le sue foto.

Giulia and Domenico

Fotografo matrimonio Torino e Cortanze, ricevimento al castello di Cortanze, servizio fotografico di coppia, sposi,

Mari is a well of ideas, creative and discreet. For our wedding shoot, she and her assistant Gianluca created wonderful photos with wonderful effects, always remaining behind the scenes but capturing moments that we did not even remember. Very quick in post-production and delivery, she was a real surprise. To underline his availability and flexibility both in schedules and in satisfying our requests. If you are looking for a photo shoot with an extra touch, Mari is perfect!

Enya and Luca


How to define Mari? Simply with one word: unique! Unique is his way of shooting and freezing moments forever. Unique is the sensitive and artistic side of her. Unique is his way of bringing out her true soul from each subject. Unique is the magical feeling that she creates, looking at each of her artwork of hers. Unique is still having the good fortune to be pampered by her gaze and feel special without even noticing the presence of the camera. Mari is special… as a person and as an artist. She has rare qualities and she knows how to make everything she touches unique. Once she said to herself: `` she has golden hands '' and I believe that this saying cannot be more perfect! Relying on her means professionalism, education, creativity but above all humility and skill: qualities that are definitely difficult to find together. I could write about her for hours but I would never be able to convey the idea of her wonderful art of her .. try it and you will not regret it!

Sara and Dino

Sara e Dino

Persona e professionista eccezionale! Anche se siamo persone non particolarmente belle Mari ci ha reso straordinari! Cura del particolare, ricerca della luce ma sopratutto la capacità di immortalare i sentimenti delle persone hanno reso le nostre fotografie una poesia da condividere con amici e parenti per un ricordo indelebile di una giornata indimenticabile!