Marriage Proposal in Turin: Svajunaas and Erika, a Magical Moment in a Romantic City

proposta di matrimonio a torino di Svajunaas ad Erika, da Vilnius in Lituania a Torino per la proposta di matrimonio sul Monte dei capppuccini con la vista sulla città. Foto dal drone. Svajunaas inginocchiato davanti ad Erika.

Marriage Proposal in Turin: An Unforgettable Experience for Svajunaas and Erika

Turin, with its discreet charm and breathtaking views, proved to be the perfect backdrop for Svajunaas and Erika’s marriage proposal. Coming from Vilnius, Lithuania, the couple chose to celebrate their engagement anniversary with a vacation in the romantic Piedmontese city. Eager to make the moment even more special, Svajunaas contacted me to arrange an unforgettable surprise for his beloved Erika.

Choosing the Perfect Day

June 24th holds a special significance for Turin: it is the Feast of Saint John, the city’s patron saint. Captivated by the significance of this grand celebration, Svajunaas decided that this was the perfect day to propose marriage in Turin. However, there were various considerations to ensure that the moment was perfect.

I suggested proposing early in the morning, taking advantage of the natural light, which is particularly soft and flattering at that time. Moreover, with the city’s patron saint’s festival in full swing, the city center would have been overrun by thousands of people during the day, making it difficult to find a quiet spot. Even my favorite photography time, the “Golden Hour,” would have been disrupted due to road closures for the evening fireworks preparations.

The Monte dei Cappuccini: A Romantic Place

Despite the inclement weather, an unusual occurrence for this season, we managed to keep the Monte dei cappuccini as the location for the proposal. This place offers spectacular views of the city, making it an ideal setting for such an intimate and meaningful moment. The rain and ominous clouds did not deter Svajunaas, whose determination and love for Erika brightened the gloomy day.

The Magic of the Moment

Upon our arrival, the Monte dei Cappuccini was deserted, allowing Svajunaas to kneel down and propose to Erika in a moment of pure magic. Erika’s surprise and emotion were captured in every shot, making their love tangible through the photographs. Every detail, every smile, and every tear of joy has been immortalized to create memories that will last forever.

Turin: A Romantic and Underrated City

Turin is often overlooked as a romantic destination, but it offers unique vistas and unforgettable atmospheres. From its tree-lined boulevards to its majestic historical buildings, every corner can become the perfect backdrop for special moments like a marriage proposal. The panoramic view from Monte dei Cappuccini, with the Mole Antonelliana standing tall in the background, is just one example of the wonders this city has to offer.

Capture Enduring Memories with Professional Photography

In an age where every moment can be captured with a smartphone, the quality and artistry of professional photography remain unparalleled. Svajunaas and Erika’s photos are not just images; they are testaments to their love and joy. Each photograph tells a story and captures the essence of their bond, allowing them to relive that moment every time they look at the pictures.


1. Why choose Turin for a marriage proposal? Turin is a city rich in history and charm, with romantic views and a variety of locations ideal for special moments. The view from Monte dei Cappuccini, for example, offers a breathtaking panorama of the city.

2. What is the best time to propose in Turin? Early morning offers flattering natural light and greater tranquility, especially during crowded events such as the feast of Saint John the Baptist. On all other days, the ‘Golden Hour’ around sunset is the perfect time.

3. How can I ensure my marriage proposal is perfectly captured in photos? Relying on a professional photographer ensures that every emotion and every detail are captured with the highest quality and artistic care. Contact me to plan every detail and create an unforgettable memory.

4. What are the best locations in Turin for a marriage proposal? In addition to Monte dei Cappuccini, Turin offers many other charming locations such as Parco del Valentino, Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Castello, the covered galleries in the city center, and the Basilica of Superga. Each place has its own unique charm and can make your proposal special.

5. How can I book a photo session for my marriage proposal in Turin? You can contact me directly through my website or via email to discuss the details and book your photo session. Sarò felice di aiutarti a pianificare e catturare questo momento unico e creare ricordi che dureranno per sempre.

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