Save the Date: what is it and when to send it.

Save the Date: what’s it?

Save the Date is an English phrase that can be translated into Italian as “segnati la data”.

It’s very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, but its popularity is also growing in Italy.

It’s an informal way to inform relatives and friends that you’ve decided to get married and have set the date.

Of course, it’s not to be confused with the necessary wedding invitations, which will be sent closer to the wedding, with all the details of the ceremony and reception.

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When to send it?

As soon as possible, so that everyone can plan accordingly and not miss your wedding.

To whom to send it?

To all the people you would like to have at your wedding.

Which information will it contain?

As a pre-invitation, a reminder will contain your names, the date, and possibly the location.

It’s a nice idea to add a simple phrase that expresses your happiness.

To avoid confusing the guests, you can add the phrase “formal invitation to follow,” and the official invitations, which you’ll send a couple of months before the wedding, will contain all the details about the ceremony and reception.

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Here are some ideas to create the Save the Date

Here are some ideas to create the Save the Date:

  1. Personalized Photos: A postcard or a card with a photo from your engagement or pre-wedding shoot. We could create it together using the photos from your couple photoshoot (which I offer to all the couples who choose me as their wedding photographer).
  2. Drawings or Illustrations: Create a drawing or illustration that represents your wedding style or theme, and include the date prominently.
  3. Short Video: Create a brief video that announces the wedding date in a fun or emotional way. You can be yourselves in front of the camera or use animations and video clips.
  4. Three-dimensional Elements: Create a physical object that includes the wedding date, such as refrigerator magnets, a bookmark, or a small decorative item.
  5. Digital Style: Create a digital image that includes the wedding date and share it on social media or via email with your guests.
  6. Themed: If you have a specific wedding theme, incorporate this theme into your “Save the Date” to give guests a taste of what they can expect on the wedding day.

Choose an idea that reflects your personality and your wedding style, and make sure it’s clear and easy for your guests to understand.

It’s a fun and enjoyable way to get to know each other and to overcome any fear of the camera.

You can use the graphic style that best suits your personality and taste.

I recommend choosing it coordinated with the style and theme of your wedding, of which it will be a preview.

Wedding photographer in Turin. Engagement or pre-wedding for Save the date.

Save the Date: Capture the essence of your love.

Imagine this: an image that encapsulates the essence of your love, a frame that anticipates the joy of your big day. As a wedding photographer, I want to help you create a unique and special Save the Date that reflects your personality and style.

Together, we can:

  • Choose a theme: Classic, romantic, boho, vintage… The possibilities are endless!
  • Take photos in a meaningful location: The place of your first meeting, a special spot for the two of you, or simply a picturesque backdrop that inspires you.
  • Capture your spontaneous moments: Complicit smiles, intense gazes, smiles… The authentic details that tell your love story.
  • Personalize the design: With your names, the wedding date, and a special message for your guests.
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More than just an announcement:

Your Save the Date will be a small masterpiece that leaves a mark. A glimpse of your special day, that guests will cherish forever.

What are you waiting for? Contact me to schedule an appointment and start planning your perfect Save the Date!

Together, we will create an unforgettable memory.

In addition, here are some tips for an effective Save the Date:

  • Send them out early: As a general rule of thumb, send out your Save the Dates 6-8 months before the wedding. This is especially important if you have guests who will need to travel from out of town or if you’re getting married during a popular wedding season.
  • Include all the essential information: Make sure to include your names, the wedding date, and the wedding location on your Save the Dates. You can also include additional information, such as your wedding website
  • Keep it personal: Your Save the Dates should reflect your personalities and style. Choose a design that you love and add a personal touch, such as a photo of you and your partner or a special message.
  • Get creative with the format: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the format of your Save the Dates. You can choose traditional cards, magnets, postcards, or even electronic Save the Dates. You’ve got a lot of great options!
  • Have fun! Your Save the Date should be an opportunity to express your joy and love.

I’m here to help you create a truly special Save the Date. Contact me today!

The Save the Date can be printed on cardstock and sent by mail, serving as a beautiful keepsake of your love

Alternatively, you can attach the Save the Date to a WhatsApp message or an email.

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