Who is the best wedding photographer in Piedmont?

The best wedding photographer in Piedmont, who is it?

When I meet a couple of spouses, I always ask how they found me and how they found me.

Almost always the answer is “on Google” and the search was “best photographer in Turin or Chieri, in the Langhe, or in Piedmont.”

At that point, I imagined myself as a future bride and asked myself the same question.

Who is the best photographer in Piedmont, in Turin, in Italy, or even in Europe or the world?

The answer is impossible simply because it’s not a service that can be objectively and absolutely measured.

The photographer isn’t an athlete who breaks a record, or a scientist who makes a discovery.

The photographer is a “creator of beauty” who makes dreams come true, and beauty and dreams are subjective.

The evaluation of what constitutes the “best” photographer can vary significantly from person to person, based on personal preferences, photographic styles, past experiences, and other considerations. There are many exceptional photographers in every region of the world, each with their own unique qualities and specializations. The choice of the best photographer depends on personal preferences and the specific needs of the couple.

Undoubtedly, there should be an absolute parameter to start from: photographic quality.

Poor-quality photographs should appear to everyone for what they are: poor-quality photographs.

But unfortunately, it’s not always the case!

Future spouses are rarely photographers themselves and often struggle to understand photographic quality and differentiate one photographer from another.

So, sometimes, they make their choice solely based on price or the number of weddings, but often these two characteristics go hand in hand and do not necessarily accompany quality.

Every photographer is different, with their own sensitivity, vision, and unique perspective.

The post-production of photos also plays an important role and is part of a photographer’s style (provided they have managed to acquire one).

How can I find the best wedding photographer in Piedmont?

  • The absolute best photographer doesn’t exist, but there is the best photographer for you.
  • The best photographer for you is the one who makes you feel comfortable, the one with whom you immediately feel the right connection.
  • The best photographer is the one who knows how to evoke emotions in you. It’s the one who, when you look at their photographs, makes you identify with the photographed couples and makes you wish to be photographed by them.
  • The best photographer is the one who shares similar tastes with you. The one who understands your difficulties and, for example, if you’re a shy and introverted person, will propose a solution to help you overcome the fear of the camera (such as an engagement session).
  • The best photographer is a professional who loves their work and won’t just take photographs but will help you realize a dream.
  • The best photographer is the one who won’t treat you dismissively and won’t leave you “in the hands” of an assistant because they have a “more important” wedding than yours.
  • The best photographer is the one who will answer all your questions, clarify all your doubts, and make you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

I understand that weddings can be very costly, and every couple has a budget to adhere to, so it’s important to establish a scale of priorities.

How important is the wedding photography service to you?

Wedding photographs are the only true and tangible memory that will remain of a unique and unrepeatable day.

It’s crucial to make sure to entrust oneself to a photographer who captures every significant moment in the best possible way.

If memories are important to you, don’t leave their creation to chance or in the hands of an inexperienced photographer, just to save money.

Rectifying the damage will be impossible.

Define Your Preferred Photographic Style:

Photographic Style:

  • Classic and Traditional: If you love timeless elegance, a classic and traditional photographic style might be the perfect choice for you. This style focuses on formal portraits, group photos, and carefully framed details. Photographers who use this style often prefer natural lighting or unabashed use of flash.
  • Modern and Artistic: For a more contemporary and creative look, you might opt for a modern and artistic photographic style. This style is characterized by its spontaneity, the use of unusual angles, and the framing of special moments. Photographers who use this style often experiment with lighting, composition, and editing to create unique and evocative images.
  • Wedding Photojournalism: If you desire a documentary-style narrative of your special day, wedding photojournalism might be ideal for you. This style focuses on capturing the spontaneous and authentic moments that occur during the wedding day. Photographers who use this style act as photojournalists, capturing the emotions and interactions among the guests.
  • Fashion or Glamour: It is inspired by the world of fashion and glamour. In this style, the focus is primarily on the aesthetics and beauty of the subjects, who are portrayed in an elegant and sophisticated manner. The photos are often characterized by regal poses, luxurious settings, and a creative use of light to emphasize details and create an atmosphere of charm and allure. The wedding attire, as well as accessories and design details, are highlighted to create images that resemble those found in a fashion magazine. The Fashion or Glamour style is ideal for couples who desire a wedding photography service that captures their elegance and sophistication, transforming their special day into a true fashion experience.
  • Fine Art: For a truly unique and sophisticated look, you might consider the Fine Art style. This style is inspired by art, using advanced lighting and composition techniques to create dramatic and evocative images. This style stands out for its attention to detail, composition, and lighting. Wedding photographs in the Fine Art style are often characterized by an artistic sensitivity, with images that resemble works of art. Natural and architectural elements are masterfully integrated into the compositions, creating elegant and sophisticated images. The couple is portrayed artistically, with particular attention to aesthetics and emotion. Photographers who use this style often print their photos on high-quality materials and frame them as works of art.

Search for the best wedding photographer for you.

Look at everything they do (don’t limit yourself to portals like Matrimonio.com, where anyone can sign up, including non-professionals and amateurs).

Browse their website, their social media channels, read reviews… do thorough research and choose well who will make your heart beat and create with you the memory of the most beautiful day of your life.

Remember: your wedding photographer will capture the memories of your big day, so it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and who you believe can capture your memories authentically and meaningfully. Don’t be afraid to invest in a photographer you trust and who loves their work.

Being a wedding photographer means capturing one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It’s a great responsibility, but also an immense joy to create priceless memories.

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