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    Do you take aerial photographs with drones?

    Yes, we offer the opportunity to capture stunning aerial photographs with drones, in compliance with local regulations and weather conditions.

  • 2.

    Why do you work in teams of two or three photographers?

    We work in teams of two or three photographers to ensure that we capture every moment of your wedding day from multiple angles. Versione più descritta: There are many benefits to working with a team of photographers on your wedding day. First, it ensures that we don’t miss any important moments. With multiple photographers, we can be in different places at the same time, capturing all of the action from different angles. Second, it allows us to be more creative. With more than one photographer, we can experiment with different techniques and compositions, resulting in more unique and interesting photos. Third, it provides you with more peace of mind. Knowing that there are multiple photographers working on your wedding day can help you to relax and enjoy the moment, knowing that everything is being captured. In the evening, when the need for lighting increases, the presence of a third photographer is essential to achieve an impeccable result in any condition.The third photographer can be used to: Set up and manage artificial lighting.

  • 3.

    Are you available to photograph weddings outside of Piedmont?

    I live and work in Chieri, near Turin,in Piedmont, but I am available for travel throughout Italy.

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    How many photos are taken at a wedding?

    I believe that every wedding is unique, and I want to capture the memories of your special day in a way that you will cherish for years to come. That’s why I don’t have a set limit on the number of photos I take.

  • 5.

    Do you deliver only digital files or also prints?

    I deliver all high-resolution files, but I can also provide you with prints on photographic or fine art paper.

  • 6.

    When will we receive our wedding photos?

    I understand that you are eager to receive your wedding photos, and I am committed to delivering them to you as soon as possible. However, the delivery time may vary depending on a few factors: period and the number of photos to be processed. On average, it takes between 90 and 120 days after the wedding. Here are some additional details you may want to include: The time it takes to receive your photos may vary depending on the photographer’s workload and the complexity of the editing process. It is important to be patient and understanding during this time, as photographers are working hard to deliver the best possible results.

  • 7.

    How does the payment work?

    To book your wedding date, I require a deposit of 30% of the total package price. An additional 20% is due by the wedding date. The remaining balance will be paid upon delivery of the files.

  • 8.

    How long does the wedding photography service last?

    I offer a variety of wedding photography packages to fit your needs and budget. My packages start at 5 hours and go up to 12 hours. Additional hours can be arranged separately.

  • 9.

    Can we choose the wedding album later?

    Of course, you will have the opportunity to decide whether and when to choose the photo album.

  • 10.

    Do you also personally handle the wedding video?

    No, I do not personally handle the wedding video. I focus on wedding photography and collaborate with talented videographers to offer my clients a complete service. I can recommend some videographers that I have worked with in the past who have an excellent reputation. This way, you can be sure to have high-quality photography and videography for your wedding.

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