Discover the Enchantment of this Christmas Engagement Session in Turin.

If you think Christmas photos are reserved only for the little ones, let me show you how magical they can be for couples too!

We started our photographic journey by departing from Piazza San Carlo, the heart and “living room” of the city.

Unfortunately, it was still too bright, and the big Christmas tree was not illuminated. Furthermore, it was Saturday afternoon, and there were really too many people. I needed a more secluded place but with more Christmas lights.

The choice fell on the Rinascente, with its bright windows and enchanted atmosphere.

During the journey, I decided to challenge myself with a couple photo using a slow shutter speed to capture the movement around them. Despite the lack of a tripod, I improvised, asking the couple to remain still while I shot at 1/20th of a second. The result? A unique shot with the couple standing still and the blurred movement of people around them.

The true magic unfolded in front of the Rinascente, with the store lights blending with mine. It was truly spectacular, turning the session into a fairytale Christmas engagement.

I wasn’t quite satisfied yet, and while I was searching for a special place, I found the courtyard of San Carlo dal 1973, an elegant and historic fashion boutique. The famous and luxurious fashion store has recently moved into a building overlooking an inner courtyard. This courtyard has been set up like a sort of incredible urban jungle. Amid lush vegetation and winter flowers, a luminous heart made of intertwined branches made everything even more fascinating. This place provided the perfect backdrop for romantic and magical shots.

In the final stage, I used external flash to add a creative touch to the photos.

A special thanks goes to wedding planner Serena Costantino for the styling and invaluable assistance.

This Christmas engagement session has been an extraordinary experience, and I’m thrilled to share these images that capture the magic of Christmas and the love of this couple.

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