Exploring the Delta del Po’s lagoon was like opening a fairy tale book, and my latest couple photography adventure was the most magical page. After visiting wetlands like the Camargue and Provence, I discovered that the beauty of the Delta del Po’s lagoon is equally stunning. The setting for this story was the Casone of the Canneviè Oasis, a large farmhouse from the 1600s nestled in a charming natural oasis in Codigoro, in the province of Ferrara.

This vast oasis is crossed by narrow paths and little bridges, a romantic labyrinth amidst lagoons populated by a rich variety of fish and birdlife. Ducks, herons, and flamingos dance in the golden light, creating a perfect paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Among thickets of brambles and blueberries, the sensation of being in earthly paradise became palpable, so much so that my husband exclaimed, “But this is earthly paradise!”

The lesson I learned? One doesn’t need to travel the world to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature; one simply needs to know how to appreciate the local gems.

The “golden hour” made every moment of this couple photoshoot magical, bathing everything in warm and enveloping light. Couple or wedding photography finds its greatest expression during the early morning and sunset hours when shadows become long and soft. The scene is illuminated as if under a giant softbox, making every photo a work of art.

Although almost entirely improvised, this photoshoot in the lagoon has become an unforgettable chapter of my career, a story I want to share with you, conveying the enchantment of this magical place.

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