A Destination Wedding is an exciting marital adventure that takes place in a location different from the country of origin of the bride and groom. This type of event requires the transfer of guests and meticulous planning that takes into account every detail. Originally born in Anglo-Saxon countries to indicate weddings held in distant countries, often in exotic settings, this practice has gained popularity over the years, with our beloved “Bel Paese” (Beautiful Country) among the favorite destinations for couples from every corner of the world. Uttering wedding vows in places that hold special meaning contributes to making the marriage an unforgettable experience, further enriching the emotional bond between the spouses and providing all guests with indelible memories.

This time, Monferrato, the heart of the wine-producing hills of Piedmont and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the stage for an unforgettable luxury wedding. In the charming setting of Relais Sant’Uffizio, the newlyweds Pascale and Maria chose to exchange their wedding vows, combining the cultural, landscape, and gastronomic richness of Monferrato with the timeless charm of this splendid venue.

Destination Wedding: A Choice from the Heart:

Destination Wedding is much more than just a wedding away from home. It’s a heart’s decision, a journey that unites two souls in a special and meaningful place. Pascale, Swiss, and Maria, Russian, chose Monferrato as the place to begin their matrimonial journey, following in the footsteps of Pascale’s parents who many years ago chose this land for their wedding. Monferrato, with its picturesque hills and endless vineyards, captured the heart of this international couple.

Relais Sant’Uffizio: A charming venue in the Heart of Monferrato

Relais Sant’Uffizio played a key role in making this wedding truly special. This luxury venue, nestled in the green hills and featuring a refined spa, offered the newlyweds and guests an unforgettable experience. Its elegant halls, outdoor spaces, and breathtaking views of the vineyards provided the perfect backdrop for a magical day.

The Photography Experience:

As the second shooter, I had the privilege of capturing the most intimate and significant moments of this extraordinary wedding, accompanying the talented photographer Stefano Cassaro. My images captured the love, elegance and beauty of Pascale and Maria, set against the magnificent backdrop of the Monferrato region.


The Destination Wedding at Relais Sant’Uffizio in Monferrato was an exciting journey through which Pascale and Maria united their lives in a place rich in history and beauty. The combination of culture, luxury, and love made this wedding truly unforgettable, and the captured images tell the story of a day that will remain in the hearts of all the guests. Monferrato, with its timeless charm, confirms itself as one of the most captivating destinations for luxury weddings in Italy.

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