Nizza Monferrato, the heart of the wine-producing Monferrato region, sets the stage for Fiammetta and Matteo‘s dreamy prewedding shoot. This lively and loving couple, accompanied by their two inseparable Spitz Dogs Megan and Harry, created a truly vibrant photo session.

Fiammetta, a content creator and travel blogger with a passion for photography, entrusted me with the task of capturing this special moment leading up to their wedding. An immense honor, not only for the mutual respect but also for the opportunity to capture the genuine love between two individuals who complement each other.

The sinuous hills of Monferrato, the area around the Madonna della Neve church, with vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, provided a picturesque backdrop for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Among the rows of vines, Fiammetta and Matteo exchanged knowing glances and radiant smiles, while Megan and Harry, with their contagious joy, added a touch of liveliness to the photos.

Their love is spontaneous and joyful, expressed through simple and affectionate gestures: a caress, a fleeting kiss, a shared laugh. The bond that connects them is evident in every shot, and the golden light of the sunset helped create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

From the vineyards to the historic center of Nizza Monferrato, their prewedding was a real journey to discover a territory rich in charm and history. Among picturesque alleys and suggestive views, Fiammetta and Matteo walked hand in hand, telling their story through their gazes and words.

As the sun set, the prewedding shoot moved to the historic center of Nizza Monferrato. To capture the magical evening atmosphere, I used artificial light creatively, creating evocative and unique effects.

My husband helped me manage the off-camera flash, skillfully illuminating the faces of Fiammetta and Matteo and creating a play of lights and shadows that made the setting even more romantic.

Using off-camera flash allowed me to:

Thanks to artificial light, we were able to capture the beauty of the historic center of Nizza Monferrato at night, with its illuminated buildings and its charming cobblestone streets. An extra touch of magic that made Fiammetta and Matteo’s dreamy prewedding in Nizza Monferrato even more special.

A prewedding that anticipated the promise of a radiant future, a marriage that will be an unforgettable event, full of joy and love.

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