There’s a magical place just steps from the sky, where time stands still and love is breathed in every corner: the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo in Mombello di Torino. It is here that I had the pleasure of immortalizing the contagious joy of a special family: Ilenia, Filippo, Edoardo, and Camilla.

Their smiles, their knowing glances, and their crystal-clear laughter tell a true and authentic love story, made of complicity, affection, and moments of pure carefreeness. Their two children, Edoardo and Camilla, are the light that illuminates their lives. Edoardo, with his lively eyes and mischievous demeanor, is a little whirlwind of energy. Camilla, with her blonde curls and contagious smile, is a true princess.

A Painting of Happiness

Together, Ilenia, Filippo, Edoardo, and Camilla form a perfect painting of happiness. Their union is an example of how love can create a safe harbor to seek refuge in and feel unconditionally loved.

Precious Moments to Capture Forever

Time flies and children grow up fast. The happy and carefree moments we experience as a family are unique and irreplaceable, deserving to be preserved forever. A professional photoshoot is a way to capture the essence of these moments and transform them into priceless memories. Family photoshoots at sunset will forever be a precious gift.

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