A dreamy sunset among the hills of Monferrato

Under a fiery sky, amidst the enchanting hills of Monferrato, a truly special photoshoot took place. Protagonists: the splendid family from Turin composed of Mom Manuela, Dad Daniele, and little Bea, a charming 4-year-old girl with contagious charisma.

Mombello di Torino, the perfect location for this photoshoot, offered breathtaking views and a magical atmosphere. Tra vigneti rigogliosi, campi di grano appena tagliato e sentieri incontaminati, abbiamo catturato la spontaneità e l’affetto di questa famiglia.

Smiles, kisses, and a little budding model

Little Bea, with her contagious smile and naturalness in front of the camera, proved to be a true budding model. Amidst laughter, smiles, kisses, and hugs, the afternoon flew by in a whirlwind of joy and camaraderie.

I photographed the family in spontaneous poses, capturing their authentic beauty and the deep bond that unites them. The drone shots added a touch of originality, offering unprecedented and suggestive perspectives.

Why choose a spontaneous family photoshoot in Monferrato?

A lifestyle family photoshoot goes beyond capturing simple photos. It’s a journey through time, a way to relive the emotions and essence of a special moment among the hills of Monferrato.

Posed photos can be beautiful, but they often don’t tell the whole story. They can be stiff and unnatural, and they don’t always capture the true personalities of your family members. Static portraits only show us how we age, without conveying the emotions and atmosphere of a particular moment.

Capture your most beautiful memories forever with an unforgettable photoshoot.

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