Lifestyle family photography

Lifestyle family photography…what does it mean?

What does lifestyle family photography mean?

Lifestyle family photography focuses on what makes each family unique: their interactions, their bonds, and their emotions. It’s about capturing the beauty of everyday life, from affectionate hugs to playful laughter, creating images that tell the true story of a family

Once upon a time, family photography was a collection of posed portraits where family members had to look their best.

They would wear their best attire, their ‘Sunday best,’ and go to the photographer to have portraits taken, similar to those previously painted by artists.

Posed studio family photography still exists and has its admirers.

To me, this genre of photography doesn’t appeal because it doesn’t capture real feelings and genuine family affections.

After ten, twenty years, what will that type of photography tell us? How young we were and how we were dressed and groomed.

“I love closed eyes, touching hands, and faces that brush against each other, and it’s real life, that’s what I want to capture through my shots.”
What matters most to me isn’t just the photographs themselves, but.. the relationships, the most authentic connections between people, their deepest emotions, love in all its forms, and my cameras are the means I use to tell their unique and special stories.”

Why choose lifestyle family photography?

Here are some reasons why it’s worth calling a professional photographer to create a lifestyle family photoshoot:

  • Authentic and spontaneous photographs: Lifestyle family photoshoots are not forced or posed. The photographer captures candid and natural moments that occur spontaneously, creating images that will resonate with you forever.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime: Family photographs are an invaluable treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation. A lifestyle family photoshoot will give you indelible memories to relive and share with your loved ones for years to come.
  • A fun and relaxing experience: Lifestyle family photography should be an enjoyable experience for all family members. The photographer will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, putting everyone at ease to capture their most spontaneous smiles.
  • A unique perspective: A professional photographer has a trained eye to capture details that you might not notice. Their photos will capture the essence of your family in a way that you couldn’t do yourself.

In this photoshoot I did for a family in a beautiful location, I put my exact thoughts into practice.

Gianluca, Alice, and their dog Nina spent an autumn afternoon doing what they would normally do on a weekend outing.

Talking, jumping, dancing, hugging, and playing like a normal and happy Italian family.

A warming hot chocolate couldn’t be missed for a sweet snack break.

The splendid mid-October day and the enchanting location contributed to making the atmosphere even more serene and festive.

If you’re looking for a way to capture the precious memories of your family, I invite you to contact me for a lifestyle family photoshoot. Together, we will create images that you will love forever.

Don’t let your memories fade over time. Invest in a lifestyle family photoshoot, and you’ll always have images on hand that tell the unique story of your family.

You can view the entire gallery of this photoshoot HERE.

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