In the hills of the Langhe, where the landscape is a painting of vineyards and green expanses, Marisa and Enzo chose “La Madernassa” to pledge their eternal love. Persistent rain failed to dim the beauty of this wedding; on the contrary, it added a touch of romance.

Located amidst the UNESCO heritage vineyards, La Madernassa is a true gem of the Langhe. Its elegant halls, well-kept gardens, and the pool with breathtaking views created the perfect setting for Marisa and Enzo’s wedding.

Love Under the Rain:

The embrace of the rain made Marisa and Enzo’s wedding even more special. The images portray the couple enjoying thrilling walks by the poolside and seeking shelter under umbrellas, conveying the resilience of a love that defies all odds.

The Charm of Imperfection:

The rain bestowed a touch of magic, transforming the day into a unique and unforgettable experience. The spontaneous laughter, passionate glances, and affectionate gestures emerge as protagonists, demonstrating that perfection often lies within imperfection.

Marisa and Enzo’s wedding was a journey through the beauty and strength of love, celebrated in the magnificent setting of the Langhe. The gallery captures the essence of this special day, telling a story of love that challenges adversity and strengthens amidst the rain of emotions.

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