A family or couple photoshoot is the most precious gift you can give to yourself or to those you love.

Capturing love and intimacy in a springtime lilac-toned setting is a precious gift. When Serena and Mirco contacted us for a family photoshoot, we decided to turn a rainy day into a dream experience.

Together with the talented wedding planner Serena Costantino and the creative stylist Mary Events Designer, we had originally planned a romantic elopement at the picturesque Lake of Arignano. Unfortunately, the rain decided to crash our party, making us scramble to change our plans at the last minute.

With a solid Plan B and our determination, we moved the romantic atmosphere to a charming nineteenth-century palace in the heart of the city. Sheltered from the rain, we captured not only romantic couple moments but also the joyful presence of their little daughter Sofia, a baby of just three months old.

The result was a truly unique family photoshoot, made even more special by the exquisite details like the stunning cake by DeNilicious, a masterpiece of artistry that perfectly complemented the family’s theme. The delightful macarons by Erica added a touch of elegance with their delicate colors and flavors, while the vibrant confetti from Confetteria Torino brought a burst of joy to the photos. And the stunning flowers by I Fiori di Saradue, arranged with natural beauty, added a touch of nature’s charm to the photoshoot. An experience that brought Serena and Mirco’s dream to life, transforming a rainy day into an unforgettable memory.

A truly special family photo shoot.

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