Love from Vilnius to Turin

Turin, with its elegant charm and panoramic views, hosted the romantic marriage proposal of Svajunaas and Erika, a couple from Vilnius, Lithuania. Despite the inclement weather of this crazy summer, the beauty of the city made every moment unforgettable.

Svajunaas had planned a surprise proposal for Erika and chose the Monte dei Cappuccini as the perfect location for this special event. The breathtaking view of the city, even under a gray sky, provided a spectacular backdrop to capture the emotion of the moment.

Photographs at Monte dei Cappuccini and Beyond

After the proposal at Monte dei Cappuccini, we continued the photo session at some of Turin’s most iconic locations. The steps of the Church of the Gran Madre and the bridge connecting the church to Piazza Vittorio Veneto offered additional romantic settings to capture the love of Svajunaas and Erika.

The city, often underestimated as a romantic destination, has proven to be a perfect choice for an engagement destination. Each shot captured not only the beauty of Turin’s landmarks but also the sweetness and closeness of the couple.

A Perfect Choice: Marriage Proposal and Destination Engagement in Turin

Turin, with its historic squares, elegant streets, and breathtaking panoramas, is a city that offers endless opportunities for engagement photos and marriage proposals. The combination of classical architecture and natural landscapes creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

If you’re planning a marriage proposal or a destination engagement, Turin could be the perfect city for you. With its discreet charm and elegance, it’s an ideal choice for couples seeking an authentic and romantic experience.

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If you wish to capture your special moments with professional photographs, contact me today. I’ll be delighted to assist you in planning and capturing every detail of your marriage proposal or engagement in Turin. Whether you come from Italy or abroad, Turin will offer you an unforgettable backdrop for your photos.

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1. Why choose Turin for a marriage proposal? Turin offers a unique combination of historical and natural beauty, making it a perfect choice for romantic moments. The view from Monte dei Cappuccini and the picturesque urban landscapes create an unforgettable atmosphere.

2.Which are the best locations in Turin for an engagement? In addition to Monte dei Cappuccini, Turin offers iconic locations such as the Church of Gran Madre, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, and the tree-lined avenues along the Po River. Each location has its own unique charm for romantic photographs.

3. How can I book an engagement photo session in Turin? You can contact me directly through my website or via email. I’ll be happy to discuss the details and help you plan your photo session, ensuring that every moment is captured perfectly.

4. Is Turin suitable for foreign couples looking for an engagement destination? Absolutely yes. Turin, with its elegance and understated charm, is a perfect destination for couples from around the world. I offer personalized services to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.

5. What is the best time to take engagement photos in Turin? The early morning hours and the “Golden Hour” at sunset are the best times to capture the most flattering natural light. Regarding the timing, each season has its charm, and I can help you choose the ideal moment based on your needs.

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