Turin, an evocative stage where the love of Alice and Raffaele comes to life.

A weekday kissed by the sun, granting them a dreamy pre-wedding among the streets of Turin’s historic center. The city’s understated beauty perfectly complements the spontaneity and elegance of the couple, creating a romantic and evocative atmosphere.

Love reflected in the city

Their intertwined hands stand out against the historic buildings, silent witnesses to a blossoming love. The sun, the undisputed protagonist of the day, illuminates their smiles and plays hide and seek among the clouds, creating a play of light and shadows that makes their meeting even more magical.

A fairytale sunset

Like in a fairy tale, the sun bids farewell to the day with a breathtaking sunset. The sky is painted with warm hues that reflect on the surface of the Po River, creating a chromatic scenery of rare beauty. Alice and Raffaele embrace tightly, captivated by such wonder, while the golden light of the sunset envelops them in an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

A love that captures the heart

The images tell a story of authentic and deep love. The beauty of the city merges with the spontaneity of the couple, creating a perfect combination that captivates and enchants. Alice and Raffaele are proof that love doesn’t need elaborate settings, but thrives on meaningful glances, sincere smiles, and affectionate gestures.

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