A love blooming among the hills of Turin

A spring prewedding amidst the enchanting hills of Mombello di Torino sets the scene for Federica and Mattia‘s romantic images. Initially shy and unsure in front of the camera, they gradually warmed up, allowing their love and natural complicity to shine through.

Evocative lights and shadows: the day was typically spring-like, with the sun playing hide-and-seek among the clouds, giving us soft lights and perfect shadows for our shots. Among hugs, smiles, walks, and kisses, the photoshoot transformed into a spontaneous narrative rich with emotions.

Unusual perspectives with the drone

To immortalize the beauty of the landscape and the uniqueness of this love, we also utilized a drone, capturing aerial and ground-level images that offer breathtaking views and unprecedented perspectives. Imagine reliving your prewedding with breathtaking panoramas in the background, as you exchange tender embraces or stroll hand in hand among the fields and vineyards.

An affection for vintage cars

At Mattia’s request, we dedicated a special moment to his beloved vintage BMW, a car with over 30 years of history that represented a true gem for him. A love for cars intertwined with the love story of Federica and Mattia, creating an even more special memory.

An unexpected event that underscores the value of the captured moments: shortly after the photoshoot, a sudden breakdown rendered the car unusable. An unexpected event that, albeit trivial, reminds us how spontaneous and natural photoshoots are capable of capturing fleeting moments that transform into eternal memories.

Photographs that tell your story

The images of this spring prewedding in Mombello di Torino narrate the story of Federica and Mattia with authenticity and poetry Every shot captures an emotion, a smile, a knowing gesture, giving you a vivid and detailed story that will stay with you forever.

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