Immersed in the romantic atmosphere of Turin, I had the honor of capturing the love of Valeria and Daniele in a photo session that turned into a true autumn dream. The perfect stage was the incredible setting of the banks of the River Po, where nature harmoniously blends with the architecture of the monumental bridges.

The autumn sun, with its golden light, played among the leaves, creating a changing carpet beneath the feet of Valeria and Daniele. Their connection was perfect as we strolled through woods with warm colors and bridges that narrate centuries of romantic stories.

Valeria and Daniele, besides being beautiful and kind, are a couple that breathes love. Their complicity was a pleasure to capture, and each photo tells the unique story of their bond. The interplay of light and shadows, filtered through the canopy of trees, added a special magic to the images.

To make the day even more memorable, we headed to the Sassi station, a picturesque location that added a touch of retro charm to the photo session. The station is known as the starting point for the cogwheel trains that lead to the Superga hill. Here, amidst laughter and affectionate glances, I captured unique moments as the train slowly ascended along the tracks.

The entire experience was an ode to love and the beauty of autumn in Turin.

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