A late autumn afternoon, a loving couple, a breathtaking hilly landscape: these are the ingredients of Giorgia and Marco’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Rivalba, in the province of Turin.

Giorgia, a singer and singing teacher, accustomed to being in the spotlight, and Marco, a bit more shy but always by her side, enjoyed playing with the camera among the lush hills of Rivalba. the warm light of the golden hour has caressed each image, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere.

Giorgia and Marco are a truly special couple: their complicity and love are evident in every shot. Their pre-wedding photoshoot is a story of joy, life, and passion.

The location: Villa Ala, a hidden gem of Piedmont

Villa Ala is an eighteenth-century historic mansion located in the heart of the hills of Rivalba, a beautiful corner of Piedmont. After careful restoration, the villa has reopened its doors to the public, showcasing all its splendor. Its elegant halls, well-kept gardens, and suggestive atmosphere make it the ideal location for a dream wedding.

The magic of the golden hour

The golden hour is the magical time of day when the sunlight takes on a warm, golden hue. It’s the perfect moment for a photoshoot because the light creates a romantic and evocative atmosphere.

A dream photoshoot

Giorgia and Marco’s pre-wedding photoshoot was a real dream. The beauty of the landscape, the magic of the golden hour, and the couple’s complicity made this photoshoot an unforgettable experience.

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The use of a drone for a special pre-wedding photoshoot.

The use of the drone allowed to add a truly special touch to Giorgia and Marco’s pre-wedding photoshoot. Thanks to this innovative tool, breathtaking images were captured from unusual and suggestive perspectives.

Imagine seeing your love from above, with the hills of Piedmont framing you. Or, relive your passionate kiss, captured from a unique and original perspective. The drone enabled to capture all these moments in a unique and unforgettable way.

The aerial images provided a completely new view of the location, Villa Ala, showcasing its beauty from an unprecedented perspective. The golden vineyards, dirt paths, and Piedmontese hills have taken on a new dimension, becoming the protagonists of a dreamy love story.

The use of the drone allowed to create a truly unique and special pre-wedding photoshoot, capable of capturing the essence of Giorgia and Marco and their love in an original and unforgettable way.

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