The photos of Federica and Mattia’s wedding at Tenuta La Michelina in Pinerolo (TO) tell an unforgettable day, full of joy and love. Federica, a sunny and kind-hearted doctor, and Mattia, an engineer with a big heart, have fulfilled their love dream in a fairytale setting.

An union sealed by love and music.

The ceremony at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Poirino represented the beating heart of Federica and Mattia’s wedding. An atmosphere rich with emotion and sentiment enveloped the nave, where music played a fundamental role. Not surprisingly, Federica’s mother, the choir director, and her aunt, a pianist, contributed to making the ceremony even more special, along with other family members and friends of Federica who lent their voices.

The emotion was palpable, especially considering the recent loss of Federica’s father. The wedding date had indeed been changed twice due to this painful event, making Federica and Mattia’s “I do” even more laden with meaning and hope.

The carefully chosen and lovingly selected musical notes accompanied every moment of the ceremony, underlining the deep bond between the two spouses and the support of their family and friends. A moment of great emotion was Federica’s entrance, accompanied by the notes of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” a song that touched the hearts of all present.

The ceremony at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore was a moment of profound beauty and spirituality, a true hymn to love and life, sealed by the promise of eternal love between Federica and Mattia.

A dream photoshoot

The couple’s photo shoot unfolded between two enchanting locations: the historic center of Poirino, with its medieval buildings and romantic atmosphere, and the lush English lawn of Tenuta La Michelina. The use of a drone allowed for capturing images from unique and original perspectives, giving the newlyweds a truly special photographic album.

A fairytale wedding, despite a small hiccup

A sudden downpour added a touch of adrenaline to the day, forcing guests into a general scramble and the newlyweds into a truly unique entrance into the hall, under the umbrella of the venue manager. But not even a storm managed to dampen the joy and enthusiasm of Federica and Mattia, who turned the unexpected into a moment of fun and togetherness.

A jubilation of joy and flavors.

The celebration continued in a spirit of fun, with music, dancing, a wedding banquet rich in delicacies, and a sweet touch: a cart of organic and artisanal ice creams that delighted both young and old.

An indelible memory of a perfect day

Federica and Mattia’s photos are the most authentic testimony of a sincere and profound love. Glimpses of complicity, tears of joy, and spontaneous smiles narrate a fairytale love story, culminating in a dream wedding.

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