If there’s one moment in life that deserves to be captured for eternity, it’s the wedding proposal, the moment when the heart, throbbing with excitement, takes the big step towards the eternity of love with a marriage proposal. This moment, unique and unrepeatable, is more than just an announcement; it’s the beginning of an extraordinary chapter.

Imagine uttering those magical words, ‘Will you marry me?’ in an enchanting setting like the picturesque Lake of Arignano. In this enchanting haven, nature’s splendor intertwines with the magic of love, crafting a timeless and romantic ambiance that beckons hearts to surrender to its allure. The gentle caress of the breeze whispers tales of enduring love, while the vibrant hues of nature paint a backdrop of passion and devotion. Here, time seems to stand still, allowing love to blossom and flourish amidst the breathtaking beauty that surrounds it. The golden hues of the setting sun cast upon the water’s surface transform into a canvas, exquisitely painting the love story of each couple.

For this styled shoot, we drew inspiration from the 1970s, an era of freedom, creativity, and free love. The bohemian style of that time melds seamlessly with the natural beauty of the lake, crafting a unique and captivating ambiance. Elements like bare feet, floral crowns, and genuine joy take center stage in our photographs, transforming each proposal into an authentic visual narrative.

Sofia and Matteo, a young couple deeply in love, were the stars of this special moment. With a heart overflowing with passion for love photography, I dedicate my art to capturing the essence of love’s purest form. Through my lens, I strive to tell the stories of couples, their unique journeys, and the emotions that bind them together. My photographs are not mere snapshots; they are windows into the souls of those in love, revealing their authenticity, joy, and unwavering commitment. Each image is a testament to the enduring power of love, a cherished memory that will forever be etched in their hearts. Together with my exceptional wedding team, we are here to transform every proposal into a timeless visual narrative that will forever cherish.

While the enchanting Lake Arignano provides a breathtaking backdrop, each proposal remains as unique as the love stories we capture. Contact me to turn your special moment into an indelible memory. Your wedding proposal will be eternally engraved in the magical details that only photography can capture.

Thanks to wedding planner Serena Costantino for the idea and for organizing this wedding proposal photo shoot at Lake Arignano.

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