Winter wedding in the city

Have you ever considered a winter wedding in the city? I realize that getting married in the coldest season of the year may not be very popular.

Yet, the magic and fairytale atmosphere that only winter can offer could make your wedding truly unforgettable.

I have a true passion for Nordic and misty atmospheres, as well as for winter sunsets, which are often crisper and more explosive than those in summer.

Winter Wedding in the City: Turin, Parco Dora

A winter wedding in the city, in Turin, at the charming Parco Dora, can be a truly special and romantic experience. The park, a former industrial site converted into a public area, offers a unique setting with its elements of industrial archaeology, water channels, green areas, bridges, walkways, and spaces for skaters and cyclists. The winter snow could add a touch of magic to the atmosphere, creating a fairytale setting for your big day.

But there are many reasons to consider choosing to get married in the winter season.

  • The light and enchanting atmosphere created not only by natural light but also by candles, lit fireplaces, and Christmas lights wouldn’t be out of place or out of time at all.
  • The possibility of having in a single event the brightness of the day and the magic of the night. The short days also allow those who choose to celebrate their wedding in the morning to enjoy the mysterious and unique atmosphere of the night.
  • More choices at lower prices. After the frenzy of summer, there will be many more venues available, making it easier to find the one of your dreams at a lower price. Less demand, more supply is synonymous with affordability.
  • Without the heat and humidity of summer, makeup and hair will stay perfect longer.
  • The cold. I know this could be a problem for many, but try to think about it… you can defend yourself from the cold outside, but not from the heat!
  • Contrary to popular belief, too much light and too many colors are enemies of photography. Overly lush vegetation and overly vivid colors distract from the true subject of the day: the bride, groom, and their guests.
  • The snow Of course, this is now a rare event, unless you choose to celebrate your wedding in the mountains, but if it were to happen… well, it would be pure magic!
  • No need for a Plan B. In summer, it’s always necessary to have a Plan B because rain and wind can never be ruled out. In winter, indoor spaces will always be cozy and already prepared for any eventuality, and if it were to rain, or even better snow, outside, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Wedding planner Serena Costantino envisioned and brought to life this winter city wedding, precisely with creative and original couples in mind.

In love with Christmas but also with urban industrial and post-industrial atmospheres!

For me, it was a true pleasure to be able to create this photoshoot with such a beautiful and in love couple.

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