Tropical wedding: the new trend for weddings

Tropical wedding?

When I was invited to attend a tropical-themed wedding event, one of the new trends in weddings, I was amazed.

As a photographer passionate about shabby chic style, all-white or shades, but always tone on tone, I found myself facing a challenge and feeling unprepared.

What materials could I have brought to this tropical-themed event?

Absolutely nothing, and furthermore, living in Piedmont, a region in the North that is not at all tropical, even the real weddings I had photographed were not suitable.

But I embraced the challenge, and together with my amazing team “Bianco Avorio,” about whom I will talk soon, in just a few days, we created a “Tropical Wedding” styled shoot.

The first challenge was finding a location with a tropical feel: palm trees, flowers, airy structures, etc.

So I decided to contact the “Gardenland” botanic nursery in Pino Torinese, very close to my home

They were very happy to welcome this idea and made all their spaces available to us.

The wedding planner Serena Costantino and the event designer Mary Persico immediately got to work to create this beautiful tropical-themed wedding.

Two young models represented a couple who, despite living in a Northern region not by the sea, wanted to fulfill their dream of getting married on a tropical island.

A simple yet elegant and refined wedding.

Plenty of space for greenery, white, and gold, but also vibrant colors with exotic flowers and the magnificent sunset that the sky gifted us, almost blessing this wedding.

A naked cake with exotic fruit decorations from “Il Macino” is the winning idea for a true tropical wedding.

I had a lot of fun, and that’s certainly not news.

The novelty, instead, is that the tropical-themed wedding really won me over.

Here is the viewing of my photographs and the video kindly provided by Stefano Crespo.

Do you dream of a tropical-style wedding too? Contact us, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Surrounded by the green hills and enveloped in the vibrant colors of tropical flowers, a tropical wedding in Northern Italy transports guests to an exotic and vibrant setting.

No matter the external climate, the festive atmosphere and the warmth of tropical details make every moment a memorable experience of joy and smiles under the Italian sky.

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