Winter Wedding: Eight Reasons to Have One

Are you considering a winter wedding but worried it might be a risky choice?

Fear not, if you choose this season for your wedding, you’ll have far more chances of success than you might imagine.

Most couples choose summer, drawn by the blue skies, lush vegetation, and especially the long, sunny days.

However, often the heat is unbearable, evenings are ruined by mosquitoes, harsh sunlight is the worst enemy of a good photograph, and summer storms, which are completely unpredictable, can also be violent.

If you’re worried about the cold, remember that you won’t be outside for long, and the joy and excitement will be so great that they’ll make you forget about the chilly temperature.

Certainly, if 15°C already feels like Siberian weather to you, it could be a problem, and you may have no choice but to compete with many other couples for the classic summer wedding.

Winter wedding at the Superga hill park, among coniferous trees reminiscent of the great parks of North America.

But if a bit of cold isn’t a problem for you, consider the advantages of a winter wedding.

  1. Affordable. In the low season, prices will be significantly lower, and you’ll have much less competition in finding your dream villa or castle available.
  2. Easier to organize. Because they are less busy, all vendors will have much more time to dedicate to your wedding.
  3. Unique. Anything rarer is certainly more precious and original. Summer weddings tend to all look alike. A winter wedding is unusual and will certainly leave a more lasting impression on your guests’ memories.
  4. Colors and warmth. You can dare to use colors that might be considered too bold in summer, such as red and gold, or too cold like silver and all-white. You can use glitter and shimmer that will make the atmosphere sparkle like a fairytale. The warmth of a thousand candles and the crackling fire from lit fireplaces will make your winter wedding magical.
  5. Less fear of the whims of the weather. You won’t need to spend the whole week before the wedding anxiously checking the weather forecast. You already know that the reception will be indoors, and everything will be organized accordingly. If it rains, or even better, if it snows, it will be even more magical.
  6. More choices for the wedding dress. You won’t be afraid of sweating under layers of tulle and silk, and you can choose even the most voluminous dresses adorned with lace and precious stones. For the outdoors, you can also opt for warm and soft shawls and shrugs like a true snow queen.
  7. Floral decorations. You may have a smaller selection of flowers, but you can enhance your glass and crystal decorations with natural elements like berries, fir branches, pine cones, and mistletoe. Hellebores, snowdrops, in addition to classic Christmas stars, will still be original and charming choices for your bouquet and centerpieces, not to mention candles and Christmas lights.
  8. A richer and more varied menu. You won’t need to search for light and fresh dishes to avoid weighing down your guests; for once, you can indulge in calories and focus solely on taste and quality. You can serve hot drinks like grog or mulled wine, and the classic but always appreciated hot chocolate, perhaps accompanied by dollops of whipped cream. Even the cake will be more elaborate and dramatic.

I haven’t had many opportunities to photograph a winter wedding, but I hope to have the chance to capture one in the snow because I’m sure it will be pure magic!

Winter Wedding – A Romantic and Fabulous Dream

A winter wedding offers a unique and evocative atmosphere, perfect for celebrating love in a magical and fairy-tale setting. The short, bright days, the snow creating an enchanting landscape, and the warm coziness of charming venues all contribute to making this event special and unforgettable.

Choosing to marry in winter means embracing the charm of a romantic season full of evocative atmospheres. Imagine walking down the aisle in a dream wedding dress while snowflakes gently fall around you, or exchanging wedding vows in a room illuminated by the warmth of candles and the crackling of the fireplace. A winter wedding brings intense emotions and creates memories that will last forever.

Additionally, a winter wedding offers several practical advantages. During this period, it’s indeed easier to find available venues at more advantageous prices compared to the summer months. Moreover, winter weather conditions can be utilized to create unique and evocative scenic setups, using elements like candles, soft lighting, pine garlands, and Christmas decorations.

If you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding, a winter wedding is the perfect choice. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can create a unique and unforgettable event that will leave you and your guests breathless. Let yourself be inspired by the magic of winter and create your dream wedding, a special event that celebrates love and joy in a fairy-tale and enchanting atmosphere.

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