Wedding Shoes: An Easy or Difficult Choice?

know that shoes are one of the most beloved accessories for women all over the world.

However, it seems that this love does not apply when choosing wedding shoes.

After photographing many brides, I am still quite confused about the reasons behind some of their choices.

For this reason, I decided to interview some brides, from past and present, to ask them about their wedding shoes and the reasons for their choices.

Here are the questions I asked them:

Your Bridal Shoes: How They Looked and Why You Chose Them

  1. Why did you choose that type of shoe and how did you choose them?
  2. Did your shoes have high heels, medium heels, low heels, or were they flat? Why did you choose that heel height?
  3. Did you prioritize elegance or comfort?
  4. Did you change your shoes during the reception or later for dancing?
  5. Was your dress short, long, or ankle-length?
  6. Did your shoes feature unusual or luxurious details like bows, Swarovski crystals, glitter, embroidery, etc.?

I’ve received many fascinating responses.

In the past, there wasn’t the wide range of choices available today.

Shoes could only be purchased in stores back then (the internet had not yet arrived), and often, if you had non-standard sizes, it was very difficult.

Brides with shoe sizes 33-34 or 40-41 had to settle for whatever little was available.

The alternative was to have them custom-made, often at a very high cost.

However, even though times were “more challenging,” it seems that brides in the past cared more about their shoes.

For some brides, shoes were even more important than the dress itself, and even after many years, they still keep and proudly show them off.

The determining factor is the length of the dress.

With a short dress, the focus on shoes is definitely greater, so brides tend to prioritize shoes that have a certain personality.

Especially if the dress is very simple.

On the contrary, with a dress that is already very elaborate, brides tend to avoid distracting from it and opt for simpler shoes.

Another factor is the height of the bride, and even more so, the height of the groom.

A tall bride will likely opt for shoes with a lower heel, especially if the groom is the same height or shorter.

But I’ve also photographed tall brides who were taller than the groom and didn’t give up their heels!

When it comes to their wedding shoes, brides nowadays are generally prioritizing comfort over traditional beauty standards.

The goal is to choose shoes that will be comfortable enough to wear throughout the entire wedding event, from the ceremony to the reception.

In today’s weddings, sneakers, often personalized, are becoming the footwear of choice for the unbridled dancing and partying.

I’ve also had the pleasure of conversing with designers who possess the talent of transforming even the simplest shoes into one-of-a-kind and extraordinary pieces through personalization

This might be the ideal way to ensure your shoes don’t fade into the crowd.

The word to the brides

Among the numerous testimonies, I’ve chosen one that is so detailed and thorough that it could be published as an article in its own right.

My sincere thanks to Alessandra for this clear and comprehensive examination.

I’m not overly concerned about wedding shoes, but I agree with your point: they often don’t go well with the dress.

Reason: Market confusion, with a wide price range from exorbitant to extremely low-quality footwear.

I understand that brides strive for a cohesive look with their dress, but the process can be challenging, and the outcome is often awkward.

The desire to appear taller and the perception that shoes won’t be visible under a long gown often lead to the choice of inappropriate heels, wedges, or platforms.

Do sandals make you feel like you sweat less? I can understand the reasoning behind it, but the toes peeking out….

And then: with 12 people trying on the dress, the bride left on her own to find shoes, unless the bridal boutique suggests or dictates a pairing, when the bride is exhausted and accepts anything (perhaps after breaking the bank for the dress).

The abundance of rhinestones, embellishments, and intricate straps reveals a confusion between the solemnity of the ceremony and the lively atmosphere of the reception.

A personal choice from 30 years ago: a short silk dress, a search for 3- or 4-inch pumps: they didn’t exist in the same color, so I had them custom-made at a specialized store in Milan.

I spent a fortune on the bespoke suit, but there was truly no other option.

The selection should be wider today, or maybe not.

For me, the adage ‘less is more’ holds true.

“While shoes are the most important accessory, they remain an accessory: I see no alternative to a satin/silk pump.

“At most, a slingback, precisely because flats are best avoided on that day.

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